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Marleen Julien

Marleen Julien featured for Women's History Month

It was an honor to be featured on Eritaj Kilti Kreyòl's show Bouyon Kilti.

This month, Bouyon Kilti has been honoring Haitian women who are working to change the narrative.

We talked about my work to bring creole stories to schools in Haiti, the importance of following the official writing system,  and advice to bilingual Haitians who want to become translators.

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Make it Clear: How to make language more inclusive

A good translation is much more than a literal translation of the source document. You’ve heard the saying “Garbage in garbage out.” In the world of translation that saying might become, although far less cleverly stated: “Literal translations will be just as dry and confusing as the words they translate.” And in some cases, far worse.

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