What buyers of translation services need to know

    Creole Solutions works hard to provide its customers with a pleasant cooperation experience, from start to finish.

    Translation allows businesses to reach more customers, unlock new markets, and foster new relationships. This article shares a few helpful tips on preparing your projects to get the most for your money.

    Choose an experienced agency

    Specialization and experience in your industry guarantee that your translations will be accurate. Every industry has specific terminology and jargon, and translators must be familiar with particular areas, such as finance, medicine, education, the legal system, etc. to produce accurate, authentic text. An experienced translation agency will ensure to assign the right translators with the relevant expertise in the specialty you need.  

    Give clear instructions

    To start your project off on the right foot, be as specific as possible on the following points:

    • Who is the target audience of your project? What do you know about this audience (reading level, background, place of residence etc.)?
    • What is your project timeline?
    • Do you have additional reference material or information that may be helpful for translators? Can you share drawings or technical descriptions (if applicable)?
    Project management


    Some projects involve multiple texts and deadlines. Designate an employee who will be the project lead and contact person for the translation and can answer related questions. Translators scrutinize their text in detail to ensure every aspect is rendered correctly in the foreign language. Decide how questions will be answered internally to avoid delays.


    Plan sufficient time

    Quality takes time. Translation projects undergo several production stages for quality assurance. Counter to popular perception, a linguist does not just “retype the text in another language”. Translation work involves careful research and terminology verification to get everything just right. As you can imagine, such diligence takes time. Creole Solutions will be happy to give you an accurate estimate of project deadlines.


    Send final versions of documents

    It is best to send us your finalized documents, as incorporating new paragraphs into a finished translation can be difficult. Haitian Creole text tends to be longer than English copy, which means that text layout must be generously proportioned to accommodate the translation. Creole Solutions will be pleased to give you advance feedback with layout recommendations.

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