How to choose translation services

    There are around 7,000 languages spoken in the world, but without translators communicating in an increasingly globalized world would be near-impossible. Translation services are fundamental so that people and companies that work and interact in international settings can achieve their goals seamlessly.


    Translation allows businesses to reach more customers, unlock new markets, and foster new relationships. But it’s not only used in the business industry; globalization has meant more and more people are leaving their home countries to start new lives in countries that speak a different language. Medical records, legal certificates, and education records are only some of the many things that people need translations to start their new life.


    In this article, we will give you tips on how to choose the best translation services provider to make sure that your content will be translated accurately and that you won’t waste your money.


    • Choose an experienced agency

    Specialization and experience in the subject you require guarantees that your translations will be accurate. Each industry has its terminologies and jargon and consequently needs translators who specialize in its particular area, such as in finance, medicine, education, the legal system, etc. An experienced translation agency will ensure that you get the right translator with the relevant expertise in the specialty that you need.


    • Native speaking translators

    A key element that all translation agencies should have are translators who translate into their native language. When it comes to transmitting a message to another language, only a native speaker will be able to accurately relay the content and all its nuances because they know not only the language but also the culture.

    All languages have a variety of dialects, meaning they have subtle differences depending on the country or region—and Creole is no exception. Creole is spoken in 12 countries around the world, and each area has a slightly different vocabulary; this is why it is important to make sure that the translation agency you choose has native Creole translators.


    • Project management

    All effective translation agencies have a project manager in their office. The main benefit of having a project manager is that the agency will centralize all communications to and from a client. Having at least one project manager will ensure the whole process, from document reception to delivery and billing, will be straightforward and stress-free.


    • Prices and delivery time

    Just like any other selection process, prices are very important when choosing a provider. In this industry, you typically are charged per word, depending on the type of the source document.


    Even though the price is an important factor when choosing a translation agency, that should not be your only consideration. Good companies invest in experienced native translators who guarantee an accurate translation, with the correct formats, and within the agreed-upon delivery time. If it is too cheap, your translations may lack the necessary expertise and reliability, meaning you could be wasting your money.


    • Customer service

    There are some situations when you should trust your instincts, and this is one of them. If the agency doesn’t communicate to you appropriately, then their standard of work may be lacking, too. But if their customer service, professionalism, and problem-solving skills convince you, you can trust that your documents will be in good hands.



    So what do you think?

    At Creole Solutions, we aim to help standardize Haitian Creole and make it more accessible to both Creole and non-Creole speakers. We boast a number of Haitian Creole natives, as well as native translators of other major languages. This allows us to provide the expert translations to a language by the native speakers that you need. What’s more, our professional, dedicated, and diligent translators have specialisms in a wide range of areas, including human resources, legal system, public sector, education, medicine, and more. When you choose Creole Solutions, you can rest assured that your translations are in good hands.

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